JAUNIMO KARJEROS CENTRAS is a certified TOEFL iBT testing center in Kaunas Lithuania.

The test is administered in a network of secure Internet-based test centers on fixed test dates.

The test is offered more than 50 times a year but the number of administrations in any one location varies based on volume test center capacity and time zone.

See an up-to-date list of TOEFL iBT locations and dates in Test takers section of the TOEFL website at www.ets.org/toefl.


About the TOEFL iBT test


  • Institutions in more than 130 countries accept TOEFL Test Scores.
  • The TOEFL iBT test measures how well students use English gives the opportunity to prove they can communicate ideas effectively by simulating university classroom and student life communication. The language used in the test reflects real-life English- language usage in university lectures classes and laboratories.
  • It tests all four language skills that effective communication requires Reading Listening Speaking and Writting.
  • Some questions require the test taker to use more than one English –language skill and combine or integrate information from more than one source. For example sometimes test takers read a passage listen to a short lecture about the topic and then provide a written or spoken response.
  • The entire test is about four hours long and all sections are taken on the same day.



  • TOEFL iBTtest is administered via computer from a secure Internet –based testing network.
  • Test takers can take notes throughout the entire test. The notes are collected and destroyed before the test takers leave the test center to ensure test security.
  • The TOEFL iBT consists of four sections: Reading Listening Speaking and Writing.
  • For the Speaking section test takers wear noise-cancelling headphones and speak into a microphone. Responses are digitally recorded and sent to ETS’s Online Scoring Network.
  • For the writing section test takers must type their responses. The typed responses are sent to ETS’s Online Scoring Network.
  • Human raters trained and certified by ETS rate the Speaking and Writing responses.

The chart below shows the possible number of questions and the timing for each section. The time limit for each section varies according to the number of questions. Every test contains additional questions in the Reading or Listening Section.


The test Format

Test Section Number of Questions Timing
Reading 3-5 passages  1-14 questions each 60-100 minutes
Listening 4-6 lectures 6 questions each

2-3 conversations 5 questions each

60-90 minutes
Break   10 minutes
Speaking 6 tasks: 2 independent and  4 integrated 20 minutes
Writing 1 integrated task

1 independent task

20 minutes

30 minutes