Project duration: 2011– 201  (24 months)

Project is supported by LLP programme of the Europian Union

Project partnership:

Spoleczna Wyzsza Szkola Przedsiebiorczosci i Zarzadzania Poland

Jaunimo karjeros centras Lithuania

BAOBAB Association Spain

Bahcesehir University Turkey

Abif – Analysis Consulting and Interdisciplinary Research Austria

Istanbul IL Milli Egitim Mudurlugu Turkey


Project aim:

To provide a means of access to an innovative career guidance facility and gain sel-awareness self – esteem and path of career as well as involve parents into the vocational process of young people.

Project  objectives:

  • To adapt of the existing curriculum for counsellors students and parents according to partners’ country and cultural aspects to enable efficacious use of the tool at partner countries.
  • To elaborate Implementation manual for counsellors and subject teachers to enable easy and effective use of CPT.
  • To implement the CPT targeting secondary school level students living in the rural areas.

Project target group:

  • Counsellors teachers
  • Students
  • Parents


Project results:

  • Career Path Test (CPT) – which allows familiarizing young people with their own learning styles and professional interests determined by John Holland’s RAISEC theory and the theory of learning styles by Rita and Kenneth Dunn.
  • Handbook of Vocational Guidance for Teachers students and Parents – curriculum contents developed for students counsellors and teachers and parents as part of the project. The student curriculum is primarily activitybased and takes a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The teacher and counsellor curriculum is an informative handbook of professional personal development. The parent/career curriculum aims at providing information about the role of parents in a students’ career management
  • S2CPT Implementation Guide.

Project website: