Project duration: 2012– 2015  (36 months)

Project is supported by LLP programme of the European Union

Project partnership:

Cyprus Neuroscience &Technology Institute Cyprus

Jaunimo karjeros centras Lithuania

Helenic Open University Greece

FAVINOM Consultancies Ltd (FC) Greece

DAFNORD association Finland

New Technologies and Learning in Europe (NTL) Germany


Project aim:

To create a universal dynamic and adaptable e-learning environment which educators ca use modify and expand and learners with diverse needs can easily use it and benefit from it.

Project  objectives:

  • To provide educators with an easy-to-use open-source dynamic modifiable and expandable tool which they can adapt to their own learning materials and teaching requirements.
  • To address all types of “differences” in a unified way that removes all types of discrimination and is upgraded to the cyber space era.
  • To take full advantage of broadband technologies and open source paradigms.
  • To attract educators with innovative tools and paradigms.
  • To create a learning environment that will be fun for any learner.
  • To provide motivational tools for learning thus decreasing dropout rates.
  • To combine diagnostic with educational tools; therefore being able to adapt learning to the specific needs background knowledge and cultural differences of the learners.

Project target group:

  • Educators
  • Students
  • People of all ages and with special needs

Project results:        

  • e-Hoop learning platform which has two separate aspects:
  • Educators’ aspect

– it provides to educators an administrative control panel in which they can upload their learning objects in a media library create their courses lessons and quizzes manage groups of students and also students’ and teachers’ individual profiles

  • Learners’ aspect

– learners’ are allowed to participate in courses and quizzes receive feedback for their progress and be active users during the educational process.


Project website: